Intensive Driving Courses

Intensive Driving Courses

Pass Now Ltd offer great deals for intensive driving courses at very competitive rates. Your course includes a theory test and a practical test. The courses range from 18 – 42 hours and can be taught over a 1 to 4 week period, depending on diary availability. All the driving instructors recommended by Pass Now Ltd ... Read more

Helpful Driving Tips 1

Cockpit Drill

Cockpit Drill

Check your door is shut and the handbrake is on.


Adjust the height of the seat to ensure a good view through the front and back windscreens, ens... Read more

Helpful Driving Tips 2

Pedestrian Crossings

Zebra crossing no one waiting When you see the crossing check the interior mirror. Look from left to right of the crossing on approach. Centralise the car between the zig-zag road markings. Maintain but be prepared to reduce speed. Continue to scan the crossing for any activity. Once ... Read more

Helpful Driving Tips 3

Adequate Clearance

In normal driving it is very important to leave the correct adequate clearance all around the car. Remember the only really safe gap to leave between you and the vehicle in front is the Overall Stopping Distance However in heavy, urban, ‘nose to tail’ traffic this is often not possible but even then... Read more