Common questions about intensive driving courses answered

Driving is a skill which offers you freedom while opening the gateway to many opportunities. Most people who wish to learn to drive opt for quicker means like intensive driving courses over regular lessons as they want to help save time and money. So, will this type of course suit you? For most students, these courses are the best option and to help you decide we have listed a few common questions:

  • What is an intensive driving course?

Intensive driving courses are normally taught within just a few weeks and for several hours per day to help you to better retain the information and newly learnt skills.

  • What is the minimum number of hours required to learn to drive?

There is no minimum requirement, and the number of hours relates differently to each student regarding reaching test standard. Throughout the course you will start to discover what areas of the driving require more attention and that will determine the required number of hours needed.

  • Is intensive driving course right for you?

Everyone has different learning skills and abilities; if you are somebody who absorbs everything quite quickly then these lessons are good for you. So, if you want to achieve test standard, pass your driving test and drive away with a full licence within just a few weeks, then this type of course will most probably suit you.

  • Am I guaranteed to pass an intensive driving course?

Driving instructors will teach you all the skills required to pass the driving test, but the examiner will assess your performance on the test day and decide if you are ready to drive independently. So, there is no guarantee for passing the driving test.

We hope this information helps and you can always contact the Pass Now Team to discuss further regarding the best course option for you. Checkout our Website: Pass Now Ltd or call Tel: 07843355577.