How an intensive driving course can be different from weekly lessons?

Potential learner drivers sometimes are unsure whether to choose an intensive driving course or weekly driving lessons. Some differences between the two options are that weekly lessons do not always give you enough time to complete a chosen exercise due to lack of time and therefore you would need to possibly wait a whole week before practicing the same exercise, also weekly lessons can be more expensive and can take a number of months to reach driving test standard.

With intensive driving courses, you have more time to learn the required driving skills

An intensive driving course enables you to practice more consistently and helps you to reach a higher standard due to having booked more hours to complete a given exercise. You can possibly reach the driving test standard within a few weeks and an intensive driving course normally is less money than weekly lessons.

Intensive driving lessons are key to retaining more information for long

 An intensive driving course is taught for several hours over consecutive days, which helps you to better retain the new information. But with weekly lessons due to the gaps between lessons, there is more of a chance of forgetting what was learned the previous week and then having to repeat the same exercises.

Everything is planned

With an intensive driving course, you can better plan a learning schedule and if you have passed the theory test, you can work towards the booked practical driving test. With weekly lessons, it is more difficult to plan, and it could be months before you consider booking your practical driving test.

Intensive driving courses can be more beneficial to you if you have some of the basic driving skills in places like the clutch, steering, and gear changing. These skills could be leaned off-road with family and friends or a few hours with a driving instructor. This will then give you the opportunity to concentrate on the main general driving skills and required exercises for the practical driving test.

So, for possibly the fastest way to learn to drive, reach test standard and achieve a full driving licence with a few weeks, then an intensive driving course will be the right choice for you.

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