Intensive Driving Course for Fast-Track Learning


To learn to drive you can choose to book weekly lessons which may take you a number of months to reach test standard and prove to be expensive or you could book an intensive driving course to help you reach test standard, pass your practical driving test and drive away with a full licence possibly within just a few weeks. Intensive driving courses are cost effective and would suit potential drivers who are looking for affordable lessons at competitive rates and wish to pass that much quicker.
What is an Intensive Driving Course?
You would be taught on a one to one basis within your local area and taken frequently to the test routes that you may encounter on your test.

Advantages of booking an Intensive Driving Course:
Cost/price – An intensive driving course will normally workout cheaper than weekly lessons.
Time – You could achieve test standard within a few weeks, unlike weekly lessons that could take months.
There are a number of different Intensive Driving Courses available to choose and the course has free test offers and an online booking discount. Call the Pass Now Team to discuss the best course option to suit your driving requirements. Call Tel: 07843355577 or visit the Website: weekly intensive driving course