Practical Test Waiting Times

DVSA Waiting Times For Practical Test Bookings 

Pass Now Ltd will endeavour to book your practical test for the requested date and test centre location.

Pass Now Ltd cannot guarantee that your practical test will be at the end of your driving course. You will be sent a test confirmation with a link to enable you to monitor for a cancellation date. (If Required)

Please confirm with your driving instructor before making any required changes to your practical test time, date and test centre location. You’re driving instructor may have other commitments on the date and time that you intend to change it to.

Alternatives to the test waiting times:

  • Proceed with your driving course on the selected dates and arrange with your driving instructor to holdback an agreed amount of course hours which can then be completed prior to the pre-booked practical test date.
  • Agree with your driving instructor alternative course dates to coincide with the practical test date.
  • You and your driving instructor can monitor the DVSA website for a cancellation that often appear, but are not guaranteed.
  • Select a different destination to take your driving course and practical test. You will be required to meet in the new area each day for your course to better prepare for your practical test.


Running Costs to a Practical Test:

The running costs to a practical test depend on the following:

Prior to test: Number of hours booked before the test booking time.

  • This refers to the number of driving lessons booked and agreed by both parties on the day of the test leading up to the test time.

On Test: Time required for the test. (Approximately 1 hour)

  • This refers to the time spent on the driving test and the debrief with Examiner regarding the test result.

Return Home: Time required to be taken home.

  • This refers to the travelling time required to return to an agreed destination.

The amount of time required must be booked before the last date of change for the practical test. (Must be agreed by both parties)

The cost can either be deducted from the booked course hours or the additional amount can be paid separately. (Must be agreed by both parties)