Theory Test

Theory Questions

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How does the DVSA test work?

Prior to the start of the test you will be given instructions on how it works.

You will be given the option to do a practice session of multiple-choice questions to help you get used to the layout of the test. At the end of the practice session the real test will begin.

A question and several possible answers will appear on a computer screen – you have to select the correct answer/s. There is sometimes more than one answer per question.

You can flag a question if you are unsure of the answer and return to it later in the test.

Some car questions will be given as a case study. The case study will:

Show a short story that 5 questions will be based on

Focus on real life examples and experiences you could come across when you’re driving

The car multiple-choice part lasts for 57 minutes and the pass mark is 43 out of 50.

When you have completed the multiple-choice part you can choose to have a break of up to 3 minutes before starting the hazard perception part.

When am I told the result of my theory test?

You will be given the results at the end of your theory tests in the test centre.

When you pass your theory test, you will be given a pass certificate. You will need this when you book and take your practical test.

Your theory test pass certificate lasts for 2 years from the date you pass your test. If you have not passed the practical test within the 2 years period, you will need to retake your theory test.

What do I need to study to help me pass my theory test?

Use this website to study examples of the multiply choice questions that you may be asked in a similar format. 

It is also recommended that you should use the following 3 books known as the ‘source material’. They are:

Click: The Highway Code

Click: ‘Know your traffic signs’

the relevant book from the ‘essential skills’ range

You can buy all the publications from most high street book shops and download the ‘Know your traffic signs’ booklet.

How many multiple choice questions are on the theory test?

50 questions            

What is the pass mark on the theory test?

Pass mark                 43 out of 50

How long is the theory test?

Time allowed                        57 minutes   

What age can I take my theory test?

You can take the theory test on your 17 th birthday.

If you’re getting the higher rate of the mobility component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) you can take your theory test on your 16 th birthday.

How do I book my theory test?

Link: DVSA Theory Test Booking service

What is the cost of the theory test?

The cost of the theory test is £23